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BIG STORY: Hillary Clinton caught in more donor scandal
Donors from Chinatown can't be traced
Clinton gives $7,000 back
Earmarked money for Hsu connected school
Edwards condemns Clinton

British Health Care System at Work: People have to pull out their own teeth
Couple has to deliver their own child
The financial status of Britian's NHS
Democrats push SCHIP

Middle School provides 'the pill' to students
Sexual misconduct plagues US Schools

Billboard: Don't Buy Gas from this Ass

2008 Presidential Update
Clinton calls for universal paid leave
Clinton gets earmarks for Gay Men's Health
Giuliani calls out Clinton on experience
Giuliani to Obama: You're no Reagan

Good News from Iraq
US-Iraqi Troops detain 30 militiamen
Major Iraq Reconstruction handed over to Iraqis
Iraq Reconstruction efforts making meaningful progress

Jacob's Notes

Hosts: Jacob Bodnar  |  Running Time: 1 hour 13 minutes 56 seconds

Show Notes: October 21, 2007 Episode 73  LISTEN  |  DOWNLOAD

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